RD Roth: From The Ears Down (2002)

A textured, lush middle ground between Hank Williams and early Pink Floyd, this CD features acoustic instrumentation supporting solid American songwriting.

With the release of “From The Ears Down” artist and writer R D Roth illuminates the common threads in all art – composition, texture, theme, contrast, and allusion. Rooted firmly in the American songwriting tradition, this record is by turns moody and celebratory.

A finely crafted work with a heavy emphasis on the power of language and storytelling, “From The Ears Down” invites the listener to delve into the lush space created here. It is a space which will both comfort and surprise.

Recorded and mixed at Angel City Studios, Chicago which is responsible for producing such classics as Chamber Strings “Gospel Morning” and Kevin Tihista’s “Don’t Breath A Word.” Produced by Ellis Clark & R D Roth. Mastered by Blaise Barton at Scientific Mastering, Chicago.

The Players: Paul K (Paul K and The Weathermen, Paul K and The Prayers), David Olney (legendary singer/songwriter from Nashville, covered by Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith, among others), Ellis Clark (Epicycle), Dan Polonsky (Box-O-Car, Manservant), Dan Leali (Blue Man Group, Janet Beveridge Bean, Fareed Haque), Heidi Meredith (The Geezers, Lovey Howell), Nicky English (Rose Polenzani, Manservant, Hot Dog City), Chico Welch, Joe Lill, Wendy DeBias, Laura Caragher (Slowjane), Alf Swanson (Seers Poncho), Libby Reed, Ric Salazar (The Woodrows), Marc Gratama (Starcandy), and Gus Friedlander (Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass Band).

Finding common cause with the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Ray Charles, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, The Flaming Lips, XTC, Tom Waits, Chris Whitley, and Roger Waters, Roth manages to synthesize these seemingly far-flung influences into a concise, organic recording which flows easily from song to song. Liner notes by Paul K and Vince Bell.

“The man truly has a talent… word economy and a damn strong melodic sense.”
– Paul K

“A brave sounding CD…we have a lot in common.”
– Vince Bell

December 12, 2002
“…with R. D. Roth, whose stunning record “From The Ears Down” is an exercise in well-crafted, cinematic songs delivered with self-assured ease and honesty. Calling to mind the elliptical approach of Lambchop and the straightforward song smithing of writers like Guy Clark, Roth’s music holds a wide appeal and countless layers of emotion.”

~ The Nashville Rage


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